Easter Monday

Easter Monday is still celebrated as a national holiday in several traditionally catholic countries. Not surprisingly Spain is one of them as the Spaniards will rarely miss out on an opportunity to take a day off from work. Which means that I most likely am the only person working here in Valencia today, so let’s get this over with! 😉

The whole crypto space has turned into one big bumbling mess over the past few weeks, which is a good thing as it shakes out all the HODL monkeys and eventually bestows us with juicy entry opportunities.

So the time to strike may be drawing near in some select pairs – Ethereum may be one of them. If you look at the daily panel you see a chart that is slowly transitioning into a down trending formation.

Or at least it’s pretending to be which is where we come in. I’m not ready to strike right here right now today. However it seems to me that the sell off has been slowing down judging by that pinched hourly Bollinger. Which is promising and leaves the door open for a surprise spike higher.

What I would like to see is a push higher followed by a retest. This is where I would get long as most of the sellers would prepare for another leg lower.

Our E-mini campaign is proceeding as hoped but there has been a bit of pushback after it had advanced a little over 1R. I’m advancing my stop to break/even at this point as the current formation MUST proceed higher now or this whole thing is going to turn into a major wipe out lower.

Copper also looking pretty good as it’s gapped higher overnight and looks like it may be ready to make a run for it. I’m leaving my stop at ISL for now but will advance to break/even if it manages to breach 1R.

ZB looking awesome as well – we really nailed a perfect entry here. If you missed out on this campaign or others then get over yourself and sign up as a full member right now.

I’ve lifted my trail to 145 and plan to sacrifice a medium rare porterhouse to the market Gods assuming I can find a place that’s open today.

Now if you thought the Mole would be slacking off today just because everyone else is doing it here in Spain then you would be sadly mistaken. Plenty of new setups below the fold:


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