Looking Good, Billy Ray!

Despite my best intentions and perfect spring weather I ended up stuck in my evil lair all weekend attending to coding duties and various chores. Suffice to say I am not in the best of mood this morning and putting up a post wasn’t exactly high on my list. But since we’ve got movement I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging, so let’s get to it:

The E-Mini is now officially in short squeeze mode and this may be a great opportunity to reflect on your bearish sentiment a little over a week ago. You know who you are! 😉

However if you were a sub and followed me into the abyss on this and perhaps even the previous long campaign then I suggest you advance your ISL a little, but to leave it enough space for an extended run higher.

Looking good Billy Ray!! Feeling good, Lewis!

Gold is a stop out after it hit my 1R trail near the 1318 mark. It apparently continues to be a major PITA so I guess I really shouldn’t complain as I at least got out with some ill-gotten gain.

As expected last Friday wheat proceeded straight to the woodshed and then didn’t stop as it’s now heading into Hades. Great volatility play this one if you manage to grab it near a turning point.

The one that irks me this morning however is the EUR which I had on my setup list last Friday but as feared didn’t return for a another dip-and-go. If some of my subs managed to grab an entry then advancing your stop to break/even may be good medicine.

I would give this one plenty of space to run however as it’s increasingly looking like a counter squeeze. Much to my chagrin the EUR vs. USD ping-pong game continues unabated.



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