Run Forest, Ruuunnn!!

Alright, the bulls are in the zone now. According to historical statistics week #15 is the most bullish for equities with almost no SKEW, thus having closed in the plus 80% of the time since 1993.

The 100-day SMA is now being breached, the bears seem to be fumbling again. All that means the braces are finally ready to come off and it’s time to run! Run Forest, ruuuunnnn!!

Our E-Mini campaign is looking pretty solid at this point, however the big test is now right in front of us. A pop through the 100-day SMA is needed perhaps followed by a retest.

I’m trailing here at a comfortable distance away, a little under 2R in profits, giving it enough space to continue upward without getting kicked out by counter movements. I’ve got big plans for this one 😉

Bitcoin has remained indecisive and that 100-hour Bollinger keeps on squeezing. Not sure which way it’s going but the resolution should be explosive. ISL remains as is.

Some COMEX market making bastards seem to be following this blog as they nailed my stop almost by a tick. I however re-entered after another spike low represented itself at the very same entry mark.

The odds of this resolving higher have now increased substantially and we just have received additional downside context in defense of my new (or your old) ISL below 1340.

Silver however took off like a rocket and never looked back. Run, Forest, ruuuuunnnn!!!

Stop here goes to about 1R, once again I’m leaving this one plenty of space to do its thing.

Copper is also making us proud and I’m now trailing a little closer at about -0.5R MFE (i.e. maximum favorable excursion). Nevertheless, can we do another Forest?

Run Forest, ruuuuunnnn!!!

USD/CAD is a clean stop out, the little thugs caught up with Forest here. I did point out that this one was low probability due to the downside trend on the daily panel, so due to small position sizing I only did sacrifice 0.3% here.

In retrospect however I think there were easier dragons to be slayed due to complete lack of daily context.

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