Economics for fundamental analysis

For fundamental analysis on Forex, just as on any goods market, traders use the information from analytical reviews of specialists published in newspapers as well as charts and tables of many numerical indicators serving this purpose. All fundamental indicators are generally released on a monthly basis, except for the Gross Domestic Product and the Employment Cost Index, which are released quarterly (See below). All economic indicators are released in pairs. The first number reflects the latest period. The second number is the revised figure for the month prior to the latest period. For instance, in July, economic data is released for the month of June, the latest period. In addition, the release includes the revision of the same economic indicator figure for the month of May. The reason for the revision is that the department in charge of economic statistics compilation is in a better position to gather more information in a month’s time. This feature is important for traders. If the figure for an economic indicator is better than expected by 0.4% for the past month, but the previous month’s number is revised lower by 0.4%, then traders can draw a justified conclusion about the economy’s situation.

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Economic indicators are released at different times. In the United States, economic data is generally released at 8:30 and 10 AM ET. It is important to remember that the most significant data for foreign exchange is released at 8:30 AM ET. In order to allow time for last-minute adjustments, the United States currency futures markets open at 8:20 AM ET. Sources of information. Information on upcoming economic indicators is published in all leading newspapers, such as the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, and the New York Times; and business magazines, such as Business Week. More often than not, traders use the monitor sources—Bridge Information Systems, Reuters, or Bloomberg — to gather information both from news publications and from the sources’ own up-to-date information.


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